It’s Back – Hot Visine Printable Coupon


This coupon is back again! The $2 off Visine coupon went super quickly last time, so it will probably do so again! I found it on zipcode 12550 on the 2nd page of the Personal Care tab.

Also, you are allowed to print these particular coupons twice each.

Here are some match-ups as well to use this coupon with.

Near the checkout counters at CVS they have the travel size Visine priced at $1.99. Target and Walmart both carry the travel size Visine for around $2 (or less). So it will make the product free when used with the coupon!

Here is another deal scenario: It’s been reported that some Rite Aids have the full sized bottles priced at $4.99 (some places they are $5.29) This week there is a $2.00 in ad coupon. They also print a $1 up. with the coupon the full sized bottles are FREE or very inexpensive.

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