Where to Find Coupons

CouponsWe all want coupons. We know that they are good for us. But where the heck do we find these coupons and how do we use coupons to help save money? I’m here for you. Don’t worry! We’ll get you to being a couponer in no time, and putting cash back into your wallet.

Where to Find Coupons:

The main place to find coupons is your Sunday Newspaper. (You can use the Sunday Coupon Preview website on Saturdays to see what will be in the Sunday’s newspaper as for coupons.)If there are good coupons on there that you could use, I would buy more than 1 newspaper.

Last week I got the newspaper that was delivered, I loved the coupons in there because I was matching it up with what was on sale, I bought 3 more newspapers. Just from using the coupons I needed for that shopping trip I more than made up the amount I spent on buying the other newspapers. That’s not counting the coupons I may use on future shopping trips.

The internet. So many places to print coupons. Though you can usually only print 1 or 2 at a time. Redplum is one site. Coupons.com is another. As well as Smartsource.com. There is a new one I just came upon called Couponnetwork. Also check out the company’s website and Facebook pages. There are usually coupons on there. Even my grocery store offers coupons on their website and on their Facebook page that changes every week. I love that they are so involved with their customers on social media.

Also there are places online that you can buy coupons from. It may seem weird buying them, but it’s worth it. About $4 will get you 14 coupons. I used 7 of those 14 coupons and saved 7 dollars. So that was profit for me. Even if I didn’t use the other coupons I bought, I already made up for it. I endorse the The Coupon Master I have personally used it. There are other places out there but I have not used them so I don’t know if they are good or not.

Magazines. I find coupons in magazines all of the time. I forget to clip them out though so don’t do the same as I do! There is also a magazine that I am about to subscribe too. It’s called All You, and you can purchase a year subscription on Amazon for only $19.95 (usually $29.88). I have heard it has a ton of coupons in there, in each issue.

You can also find coupons when you are in the store so keep those eyes peeled! The different types to be on the lookout for are:

  • Peelies: these are the coupons that are stuck to the product. If you don’t need the product now, you might later.
  • Blinkies: those coupons in the SmartSource machines that may or may not have the little blinking light.
  • Catalinas: these print from the machine next to the register, and are usually red, green or blue. People frequently leave them in their shopping carts– grab them!
  • Tearpads: usually these pads are on the shelf or display.
  • Try Me Free or Rebate forms: these are a great way to try a new product and/or make money on a deal! Buy an item on sale, use the coupon, and send away for the rebate!

Don’t forget to look inside the boxes of products! Because sometimes there are coupons in there as well!

Stores Coupons. Stores will put out their own coupons that sometimes you can pair up with a manufacturaring coupon to save even more money! Here is a list of stores that I know of that do this:

Rite Aid Video Value – Watch videos and save money!

Walgreen- They do put store coupons online, as well as a monthly coupon booklet.

Target – You can print out store coupons.

So now you know where to get your coupons! Start amassing all of the coupons you can get your hands on. Because that is the way that you are going to be able to use coupons and really really bring the price of your grocery prices down! More on that at How to Save Money On Your Groceries. (Which will be posted soon!)

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